Why is it silk?

Silk is organic, silk is about mortality, silk is ethereal. Silk is like a skin. Cathedral is an examination of the sublime through the lens of monumental structures made by men. It is a response to grand attempts at permanence, at capturing the divine, of evoking awe. Extracting the essence or spirit, shrinking it down to human size, the size of a shroud, it is female, tied to the profound realities of life and death.




A dialectical approach to materials invites disparate and sometimes oppositional materials into conversation. This can force a material to perform in ways that are antithetical to its characteristics through manipulation and will establish limits beyond which it cannot be forced. This is a study of reality – its possibilities and its limitations, how far physical properties can be bent and exploring assumptions that might not be concrete. 



industrial sublime

“industrial sublime” is a continuing body of work which challenges the view that our species is somehow separate from nature. If the manmade is in fact the natural, then an alternate view of the industrial would find beauty, ingenuity and fascination there.